About Us

Think containers, think GrowShip Containers, a joint venture between GrowShip  Industries Ltd., India, and Mobis, Korea, set up in 1993 to manufacture all types of containers.

GrowShip Industries is a part of GrowShip  Group and has diversified business interests, including Sugar, Alcohol, Rayon, Industrial Fibre and Fine Chemicals.

Export Marine Freight Containers

Heavy Sheet Metal Products Including:

In the 30 years since inception, we have built a formidable reputation and a customer base across 25 countries, offering end-to-end solution for all containerised requirements. We have a team of experts for every aspect of manufacturing high quality, reliable and robust bespoke heavy sheet metal containers for all kinds of industrial purposes.

Our processes align with ISO Standards and we are known in the Global Engineering Market for our efficiency and reliability.

We believe in forging a long-term relationship with our customers and vendors and work closely with them, understanding their needs and being a partner in the truest sense. Our highly qualified team can communicate proficiently in English, enhancing our relationship with clients across the globe and enabling us to fulfil orders to their satisfaction.

We Constantly :

Our Vision

To be the undisputed global leader in providing innovative and customised engineering solutions of the highest quality.

Our Mission

To win and retain the trust of our customers by becoming their single-point source for all their container and heavy sheet metal needs.


Company Profile

DCM Containers (DCM Hyundai Limited), a byword in the manufacturing of containers and heavy sheet metal products, was founded on the following strong principles:




Environmental Consciousness

Pioneering Spirit

DCM Containers (DCM Hyundai Limited) draws from the experience of the two giants while being agile and modern in providing bespoke and standard solutions to its customers. Over the years, we have built our capabilities and infrastructure for:

State-of-the-art Manufacturing





Quality Standards

Our Product Range Spans :

We lay great stress on research and development of innovative products to meet the ever-changing needs of emerging markets across industry segments.